Why Invest in Land

Why Invest in Land

Why people invest in land?

Generally people invest in land to construct a house,and think buying land is for devlopers who buy big land for commercial, or residential development. But actually, investing in land is one of the sound and safe investment strategies available for common investor, both large and small.

Why Invest in Land?

  • possibly higher profits
  • less risk to land, depreciation affects house/flats, no maintenance required for land. No issue with tenents.
  • greater flexibility for maximizing value - you can plan your dream project on it.
  • easier and simpler investment management
  • land is real – it is tangible, can be visited, seen and walked on
  • land is a finite resource
  • land increases in value due to demand out stripping supply.
  • Part of land can be sold which is not the case with flat or shop.

Land changes in value simply due to the whim of mankind. When the local authority suddenly approve a new project on an abandoned land, it could becomes worth over 10 times! What other investment could possibly achieve high return at no extra cost to you at no risk?

when human population is getting bigger, the remaining land will become less and less on earth over time. Buying a land as a long term investment is definitely worth it. This is a direct logic which is very true.

Land Valuation

Compared to houses and commercial buildings, land is much trickier to value because its values varies greatly by what it can be used for. However local survey and sevices of reputed realestate service provider is recommended to avoid any cheating and over pricing. At Roshni Homes we always seek the interest of customers first and help them to invest their hardearned money in right place.