Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your obligations to us are as follows:

(a) you will only upload listings to the website yourself or via an authorised third party who has agreed to our terms and conditions for uploading properties to the website;

(b) you will comply with any direction we give to in relation to your listings, including amending or updating listings;

(c) where you provide us with personal information of any individual, you must inform that individual that their personal information will be used and disclosed by us in accordance with our Terms and condition Policy;

(d) you must pay the cost of all telecommunications and internet access charges incurred when using the website, whether or not such access has been arranged by us;

(e) you will ensure that your listings are not unlawful or uploaded for an improper purpose, including information that is defamatory, misleading or deceptive, in breach of copyright or would otherwise expose us to any liability, legal proceedings or other sanction;

(f) you will comply with all applicable laws of Uttarakhand as applicable.

(g) you will comply with any guidelines and codes issued by your local and national body for your type of organisation;

(h) you will ensure that your username and password for accessing the Service are kept secure at all times and are only disclosed to persons authorised to incur charges on your behalf. However you are responsible for any use of the Service using your username and password by any person (whether authorised or otherwise) and, without limitation, you must pay any charges incurred as a result of that use;

(i) you undertake that you will only collect, use, disclose and store personal information obtained through our Websites including through leads generated by users submitting enquiries on our Websites, for the sole purpose of contacting the person enquiring in relation to the specific property they have enquired about.

(j) you may only have one subscription per Office, and you will not allow anyone else (including another Office in your corporate group) to use your subscription to list on the Website. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Office” means any physical office used in the conduct of your business, including new offices opened during the Term, which we deem to be an office requiring a subscription to the Website. Without limiting our discretion above, the following types of office will always be deemed to require a subscription:

(i) The office or any person reporting into the office is authorised to sell or lease a property listed on our web site; or

(ii) Property listing on our web site contains any contact details for the office or any person reporting into the office (even if the listing also contains contact details for another office or agent).